Our Values

Safety: It is essential that DRTC remains a safe environment both physically and emotionally, where one can work and heal.

Perseverance: At DRTC, we persevere! We view perseverance as a refusal to quit. It is looking into the face of adversity and saying, “l will continue to press forward in spite of my odds.”

Accountability: At DRTC, we accept responsibility for our actions. We celebrate and recognize hard work, effort, and success and hold ourselves and others accountable to a higher standard.

Cultural Pride: At DRTC, we know that the beauty of the world lies within the diversity of its people. It is necessary that we maintain our culture, values, and traditions.

Empathy: It is essential at DRTC that we practice true empathy. This requires that you step outside of your own emotions to view things entirely from the perspective of the other person. Respecting the other person as someone important and who should be treated with kindness.